Hello! My name is Olivia, I'm from Vermont, and I founded Running for Refuge in 2017 as a junior in high school.

We run because we like to, but millions of people are running because they have no other choice. 

To support the 60 million individuals who have been uprooted, Running for Refuge is committed to organizing running events to fundraise and raise awareness for refugees. And you can help.

For most of us, our experience of the current refugee crisis is mostly confined to our television screens. We see videos of children who have lost their families to violence. They tell us to "wake up". We educate ourselves. We feel empathy. But how do we actually do something?

If we are out on a run and get tired, we have the privilege to be able to stop.

Not everyone has that freedom. 

Through Running for Refuge, we use our love for running to raise funds for a cause that we believe in. We are so remarkably lucky and grateful not to have to worry about finding food, shelter, and providing for our families and we want to put our privilege to use. 

Although federal funding is not guaranteed to cities and states that take in refugees, programs such as the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants of Vermont are working to support new Vermonters, regardless of federal funding. 

The Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, a branch of USCRI, works to help uprooted families through providing housing, education, healthcare, basic necessities, advocacy, and employment so that new Vermonters can grow to thrive on their own.

However, VRRP cannot accomplish any of these things without the help of donations. That's where we come in!

RFR donates 100% of the funds we raise to VRRP, as well as to other organizations committed to helping refugees, such as the RISSE Center in Albany, NY.

Please consider donating to our cause, joining one of our events, or even just spreading the word about us on social media and to your friends. 

Join us as we run so that those who are running can find refuge. 

Thank you for your support,