For most of us, if we are running and get tired, we have the privilege to be able to stop running.  However,  displaced people who are forced to travel hundreds of miles to seek asylum as refugees often do not have that same freedom.  At Running for Refuge, we are striving to put our privileges to good use. Through tapping into our love of running, we aim to help promote tolerance and increase equity for refugees and new Americans in our society. 

Founded in Vermont in 2017, Running for Refuge organizes running events to raise funds and awareness to support uprooted and displaced people. Partnering with organizations that aid refugees, such as the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, and the RISSE Center in Albany, NY, Running for Refuge aims to host events that build community around running and social justice, funneling fundraised dollars towards non-profits that help uprooted people directly.

Although federal funding is not guaranteed to cities and states that take in refugees, numerous organizations and non-profits are working to support new Americans through providing housing, education,  childcare, healthcare, basic necessities, employment, and advocacy, regardless of federal funding. However, these organizations cannot accomplish any of these things without the help of donations. That's where we come in!

We partner with organizations that aid refugees directly, working closely with their teams to design and market running events that act as fundraisers for their organizations. From there, 100% of the funds we raise through each event goes directly to the organization we host the event for. 

So far, our events have largely been closed to the public, but have garnered support from external donors. Moving forward, we will be expanding our community by hosting virtual runs for organizations, which will be open to anyone, anywhere. Check out our upcoming events page to see what events are around the corner!

Come run with us and  don't forget to spread the word on social media (and in the real human world)! If you represent a non-profit that aids refugees and would like to discuss a partnership, please reach out to us.

Thank you for your support,
Olivia Pintair

Founder & Director