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We run because we like to, but not everyone has a choice. Join us on our mission to support refugees through running!

What we've done

90 miles across Vermont, 200 miles across Cape Cod, and 100 miles of trails on Mt. Ascutney...  Through these events, we've spread awareness and have raised over $5,000 for new Americans. And we're not stopping now!


60 Million people around the world have been uprooted and forced to flee their homes as refugees. Although only a fraction of those people get the chance to resettle, the ones who do need support once they reach safety. We fundraise for organizations and groups who provide that support directly.

How You Can Help

Donate to help us keep running in support of those who have no choice but to run. 100% of donations go to support refugee resettlement and to help new Americans rebuild their lives once they reach safety.

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Why we #runforrefuge

“I #runforrefuge because I am embarrassed by my country’s response to the refugee crisis - at a time when we should all be reaching out, the West is choosing to close its doors to vulnerable immigrants. And I think that needs to change.” 

-Grace R. {United Kingdom}

"I run for refugees because I have been lucky enough to never have to worry about where I will sleep the next night or if my little brother will be able to receive a good education. I hope that by running a few miles I can support a crisis that is much bigger than myself."-Liana GN {NY, United States}

"I #runforrefuge because this country has always been a beacon for refugees and immigrants and in recent years, it's become much less so. Now it's up to us, ordinary citizens, to decide to stand up for what this country has the potential to be." 

-Alex P. {VT, United States}

"I #runforrefuge because there are currently approximately 65 million people who aren't as lucky as I have been. This is my small contribution to standing in solidarity with and bringing awareness to these 65 million people."

-Lucia W. {NY, United States}

"I #runforrefuge because when my family decided to migrate to Germany because of the insecurity in my home country, Afghanistan, I along with my siblings and my mom gave everything up to seek a better life. However, every day and night that we tried to pass the borders was hopeless. The borders were all closed and we had to come back. While coming back, I was separated from my family and deported to Afghanistan. I don’t want anyone else to go through the bad and horrible experience that I went through.”
-K {Afghanistan}

Why do YOU #runforrefuge? Send us an email to tell us why and be featured on our website.

Why Donate?

We run because we like to...

Hello! My name is Olivia and I'm from VT. I'm a senior in high school at Emma Willard School who loves to run. I want to use that love to contribute to a cause that I believe in. 

But many people have no choice but to run.

There are currently about 22.5 million refugees in the world, all looking for a safe place to live and thrive. Vermont has taken in some of those refugees, but still needs more funding to help them as they adjust to their new lives as Vermonters.

Refuge Resettlement organizations like USCRI VT are working to help.

The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants of Vermont uses donations to provide support to new Vermonters through housing, education, employment, advocacy and more. 

By donating to our project, you directly impact people's lives.

New Vermonters in Burlington and surrounding towns are still in need of housing, employment, education, healthcare, and advocacy, and donating to Running for Refuge will directly support these causes. 

100 % of donations go to help

100% of the funds we raise through this project will go to support USCRI Vermont in its efforts to help refugees. Help us run to help those who are running!


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