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We run because we like to, but not everyone has a choice. Join us on our mission to support refugees through running!



Three years ago I was part of a Ragnar Relay team and discovered my love of running. Now, Running for Refuge is excited to announce that an RFR team will be running this 24-hour, 200-mile race across Cape Cod from Hull to Provincetown to continue fundraising for refugees!!! We've already got our team of 12 runners and are excited to start getting ready!! To support this adventure and help refugees, scroll up and click "DONATE NOW."

We made it across VT!

We finished our run across Vermont! Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us on this adventure to support refugees. Stay tuned to hear what Running for Refuge is planning next!

About the Project

Our Plan

3 people, 3 days, 90.86 miles across VT to support refugees...We finished our first Run for Refuge! Support us on our next adventure.


Millions of uprooted individuals are on the run, and need support once they reach safety.

How You Can Help

Donate to help us keep running in support of those who have no choice. 100% of donations go to help refugees coming to Vermont.

Why Donate?

We run because we like to...

Hello! My name is Olivia and I'm from VT. I'm a senior in high school at Emma Willard School who loves to run. I want to use that love to contribute to a cause that I believe in. 

But many people have no choice but to run.

There are currently 22.5 million refugees in the world, all looking for a safe place to live and thrive. Vermont has taken in some of those refugees, but still needs more funding to help them as they adjust to their new lives as Vermonters.

The USCRI of Vermont is working to help.

The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants of Vermont uses donations to provide support to new Vermonters through housing, education, employment, advocacy and more. 

By donating to our project, you directly impact people's lives.

New Vermonters in Burlington and surrounding towns are still in need of housing, employment, education, healthcare, and advocacy, and donating to Running for Refuge will directly support these causes. 

100 % of donations go to help

100% of the funds we raise through this project will go to support USCRI Vermont in its efforts to help refugees. Help us run to help those who are running!


JULY 11the---First public 5K RUN FOR REFUGE

Get excited everyone... Running for Refuge is hosting its first ever public 5K Run for Refuge!! This event will be held at and sponsored by the Catamount Outdoor Family Center of Williston, Vermont, as part of their weekly trail series. There will be opportunities to donate, learn more about RFR, and buy RFR race t-shirts. For more info, visit our Facebook page.

AUGUST, 2017---Cross-VT Run for Refuge

This is when we will complete our Cross-Vermont Run for Refuge! This is not a public event, but you can join in the adventure by following us on our social media pages, which are linked at the bottom of this site. 

MAY 11th-12th

An RFR team of 12 students will be participating in Ragnar Cape Cod to continue fundraising for refugees coming to VT!! Check out our social media pages to learn more. 


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